AltBase 1.0 is live, as of 6/3/2020.

Link to Claim Browser

Link to Image Browser

You currently have the ability to:

-Browse/Copy Altbase Claims, Sources, and Images

-Add new Sources and Claims

-Edit Sources

-Edit Claims

Brief Instructions (see also “Help”)

AltBase is built mainly on a relationship between four different objects – Claims (identified by ‘C’ and numbers, e.g. ‘C123’), Sources (‘S123’), Images (‘M123’), and tags (e.g. ‘#race’). Each of these things exist independently of each other, but each Claim and Image must be tied to at least one Source.

Each Claim/Source/Image has one row devoted to it in the respective views, and has data related to that object. For example, in the Claims View, you have the ClaimID, SourceID, whether or not the link works (‘Valid URL’), Description (what the claim actually is), then data on the related Source (Author, Title, Year) so you know what the claim is referencing. For example – C564 asserts “Human intelligence is highly heritable.”, which comes from S315 Genome-wide association studies establish that human intelligence is highly heritable and polygenic by Davies, et al. In the ImageView, images can have multiple sources but each must have one Primary Source.

You can browse through Sources, Claims, and Images casually by clicking the page numbers at the bottom of the GridView, or you can do a custom query using the search parameters. Your parameters are the boxes and tag drop-downs above the Gridview. Use the ‘QUERY’ (Search) button to update your search.

Once you have the Source/Image/Claim you want, you can do a couple things. You can click on the link to the Source or Image, Copy the relevant details to the big text box using the ‘PRINT’ Button, or Edit the selected Claim/Image/Source using the other buttons under the text box (if you’re signed in). For instance, you might want to edit a Source to report a broken link, or update it with a working link.

You can add Sources, Images, and Claims to the dataset if you provide a username and email. Your email doesn’t have to be a real one right now (e.g. ‘’), but there needs to be some value there to register. I intend that emails will have to be real in the future. DO NOT use your personal email or assume it is secure.

Ask questions and leave comments at our official saidit sub, s/AltBase


Q: Do I need a (real) email to sign up?

A: Not right now. The only reason you need an email for sign up in the future is so we can weed out potential saboteurs. There are anonymous email services available, create or use a dedicated one

Q: Do you log IPs?

A: No – but services we use probably do, and we could probably access them if we wanted.

Q: I’ve encountered errors

A: Contact the adminstrator at Saidit

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