AltBase Help

You’re using AltBase! It’s a collaborative database of claims, images, and links for you to reference anytime for posting to other websites, or for sharing via text or other apps.

Searching ClaimView

CLAIM QUERY” is where you will search for/browse claims and sources (or images in “image view”). From here you will find/select the claims and sources you are looking for to do whatever you want to do with them (reference, text, or write a post online with them, etc.)

QUERY CONROLS” is where you put in the parameters to find what you are looking for. You can search simultaneously across topics (the “Tag” boxes) or search for words in the claim (‘Descriptor’) or attributes of the related Source the claim comes from (e.g., ‘Author,’ ‘Title’, etc.). Press the ‘QUERY’ button to execute a search for the combination of topics you are looking for.

Each Claim and Source have their own IDs (C###, S###)

Use the TEXT BOX to copy claims and source information for posting elsewhere. You have different formats to choose from. Click the ‘PRINT CLAIM’ button to print the current claim you have ‘Selected’ to the box, and your selected format will appear there.

Use BUTTONS to do advanced actions (most of these require an account). You can Add/Edit Claims/Source attributes using these functions (or images in the ‘imageview’ page).

Use the LOGIN box to make changes to AltBase (only relevant if you create a username/password to edit/add things)

Use the TAG DEFINITION box to get definitions on various topics (e.g.: select “#criminology”, get response “the scientific study of crime and criminals”