AltBase 2.0 – More Updates

I wanted to get another post out there since, obviously, 2.0 isn’t released yet.

Things are going well as far as development. Re-writing the whole code just takes a lot more time and rewriting the language to be more object-oriented was a bit of a learning experience for me. I also haven’t been able to devote as much time to the project as I wanted. But, I’ve also built out new features as I’ve tested it, so more functionality means more developing time.

Shopping Cart and Printer:

One example of these is a shopping cart-ish feature with a “Printer” tab. This enables users to casually build a catalog of sources, claims, or media they want to extract as they browse, instead of clumsily flipping from AltBase to whatever they’re posting to while using it. It’s much more convenient and helps keep track of what you were looking for and what you have already.


We also have much more robust editing and search functions. As I tested it, it became obvious that sources and media object prompts were too “siloed” and was hard to keep track of what I was trying edit or what sources I was trying to add to media objects. So, building out these connections took additional time too.

Overall I think the product has turned out great. The majority of the time I will be spending from now on will be fleshing out the media objects (hopefully ~100 of these at least) and building the export functions necessary for the user to send updates to the Administrator. There is also a large repository of sources/links I’ve been made aware of that I might try to add before I release. This will be the more grueling phase of coding and I think I need at least 24-36 hours more development time on this, which could be 2 weeks or 4.

It also looks like we got our first 4chan link today. Hoping this doesn’t take off yet, as I’m so close to version 2.0 and we don’t want to wear out the brand. AltBase 2.0 I think, especially considering Media objects and the “Print” function, will be a massive improvement to the current version and I would rather this be the first one people use.

Obviously some people have seen the recent AltHype blackpilling and related Spencer fallout. Its a bit unfortunate, but I’m not terribly bothered the course of events and I will chug along as planned. I’m considering a potential future rebranding of the product in light of everything – but that’s definitely overkill for now. We’ll just see how things land over the next few weeks.

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