Logs and Progress

Altbase 0.4.0 – 11/25/2017

AltBase is essentially up-and-running on a cloud-based platform in what should be a close approximation of its final structure for deployment. I expect that little will change for version 1.0. Aside from simply expanding the dataset and refining definitions, we are looking to create Forms for querying, and solve some second-tier issues. Namely:

  1. How can we expand our userbase (not adminsistrative footprint) without incurring additional costs?
  2. How can we disseminate/utilize AltBase in it’s current state without revealing the platform we are using?


At full administrator capacity, I expect AltBase will incur at minimum $500-$600 per year, in its current cloud state. This could increase significantly depending on administrative volunteerism, how we can structure usership of the platform, and how large our dataset gets. Migration and implementation costs of an independent platform remain unknown. A Hatreon account will be set up soon, but our costs remain largely immaterial at this time.

Recent issues Solved:

  1. Anonymous payment for Cloud services
  2. Support for media file (.pdf, .png) documentation