AltBase: Offline

THIS PAGE IS OBSOLETE. Please see version 2.0


AltBase Offline is a macro-enabled MS Excel WorkBook that functions pretty much exactly as AltBase is intended to operate, except with some important differences:

  • Rather than the data existing in a central database and being accessed via a web application, the platform is stand-alone on the User’s desktop
  • Instead of being submitted via an online form, User updates to AltBase (Source/Claim additions, edits, and tags) are extracted with an “Export” feature
  • Exports are saved programmatically to a folder of the User’s choosing in a standard syntax, so that they can be easily emailed as attachments to the Administrator mailbox
  • The Administrator then compiles all submissions to the inbox, and updates the central AltBase archive

There are also some other neat perks:

  • Color-coded conditional formatting allows for ease of assessment for Claim and Source status
  • Filtering across any dimension in AltBase enables Users to pinpoint Sources and Claims based on only partial information in no time at all
  • Hyperlinks and ScreenTips make easy to know exactly what you’re getting before a webpage even opens
  • Dynamic re-linking allows for user’s submissions and edits to be integrated seamlessly into the AltBase environment
  • Protections and data validation ensures that the integrity of workbook structure and data is preserved (it should be very hard to “break” the application)
  • Recognition: User points are tallied depending on how many additions and updates a user makes, and are maintained on a Leaderboard


Using AltBase Offline is fairly intuitive:

  • Provide a username, or continue as “Anonymous”
  • Provide and export path to save the extracts
  • Add and Edit Claims as necessary in excel. These include the Claim Description, the referenced SourceID, and whether or not Claims are supported by the referenced source. You can also add notes to claims (like page numbers), and alter tags (topics that describe claims)
  • Add Claims with the “Add Lines” feature
  • Add and Edit Sources using the button commands and following the system prompts
  • Export Updates using the command button
  • Email exports to the Administrator

Tag Definitions


Any errors or suggestions should be reported directly to the Administrator via email:

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