AltBase Offline 2.0 – New Features and Strategy

New Features

AltBase Offline 2.0 features will include:

Image Linking:

The platform now has whole new a feature devoted to images and graphics. This has greatly expanded potential for the platform and allows for a totally different way to reference and share materials. Linking across multiple sources also allows users to create their own original contributions and add them to the archive

New Robust Lookup:

New linkages and lookup features enable for a more seamless browsing experience and editing of sources


The “Printer” feature enables users to casually build a catalog of sources, claims, or media they want to extract as they browse, instead of clumsily flipping from AltBase to whatever they’re posting to while using it. It’s much more convenient for users to keep track of what they were looking for and what they already found.

A Complete Prototype

AltBase Offline 2.0 allows us to deliver on most all the benefits of the AltBase future state in an Excel format. This version was neither costly to develop nor will it be costly to maintain. It will also help inform the project through user feedback and suggestions for additional features. The code developed for AltBase Offline could also inform our final web-based product.

Standalone Subversion

AltBase Offline has the advantage of being almost totally decentralized and standalone platform. This is important in wake of recent demonstrations of leftism in technology. We have already seen that Tech companies are ideologically motivated and willing to deplatform right-leaning channels and websites. The most salient examples of these being Alex Jones ban from YouTube, Cloudflare’s revocation of The Daily Stormer domainand the daily censorship we see on social media websites like facebook and twitter. In the event that censorship worsens, AltBase Offline can survive entirely on its own on user’s desktops without a central site – providing users the means to educate, redpill, and counter propaganda even in complete isolation and in the face of mounting suppression and censorship.