Data Dump

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Keep in mind that many of these sources and claims have NOT been reviewed. Do not reference claims not marked “TRUE” without attempting to validate them yourself. If a source is unknown, it may not be credible or trustworthy.



Last updated 12/20/2017


Known gaps:

-Heritability of political views: A large section on the heritability of political views was just compiled, which includes things the voting trends of hispanics and blacks, surveys on democratic values broken down by race, and other things like genes associated with predispositions to collectivism vs. individualism. This will be added to the export soon – but perhaps not until a new concept is unveiled for the export, AltBase – Offline.” More on this later.

-Subspecies and relative Fst values. A favorite denialist argument is “not enuff variashun” which is of course 1) irrelevant and 2) just wrong, regardless. There are plenty of animals with more subspecies than humans and lower Fst values but most of these studies are one species and are papers all on their own. I just haven’t taken the time to compile all  the information. Good article on this at AH

-Vital statistics, and demographics. Trends on Hispanic growth in the US and blacks in South Africa probably best demonstrate just how dramatic demographic changes have been. I’m still trying to figure the best way to reference statistics directly vs. referencing more intuitive wikipedia tables, but open to any suggestions

Criminality. The evidence that races differ in predispositions to criminality is so well established (for blacks especially) that the harder part of proving this is more so the burden of choosing which line of evidence to pick than any arguments from the opposition. Given that the monumental amount of sources and claims related to this topic and the fact even most whites tacitly acknowledge these anyways, I’ve put this off to focus on other areas.

-Homosexuality, and other strains of degeneracy. In full disclosure, I care far less about these than racial demographics and HBD. So, this “island” of missing metadata in the export will probably remain there until we have fleshed out other sections


-Raw IQ stats. There is a ton of stuff out there, I was surprised as I browsing through AB and noticed how little there was on this subject. I can think of least 4 consequential papers offhand that should be in here. I’d add these myself – but my time is being taken up now finalizing AltBase Offline, which is likely to be more or less the final form of any pre-alpha build for AltBase. Hopefully this will be completed by end of the week. I’m really looking forward to unveiling it.