Change to Strategy and Delays

Unfortunately, I’ve decided to delay production of AltBase Offline 2.0

Reasons for this include the fact that 1) a minimum viable product would still not be done anyways and 2) I’ve decided I need to overhaul the entire program structure. Especially as I consider future state, and the plan to attract more support, we would not be in a position to take advantage of aggressive exposure. Such a situation lends itself best to having specific needs that would allow us to attract specific skills. If all the work to-date had to be overhauled at the same time, this could definitely be an impediment to collaboration. Pushing out the deployment date would simultaneously allow us to 1) Deliver on a better, more robust prottype 2) Get us closer to a final product 3) Get us in much better spot for utilizing support and 4) Allow us to make much needed to changes to the website

I realize the value of target dates have been diminished by repeated delays, so I’m almost hesitant to put one. I hope to be in a position to execute on the original plan by mid-July, but I’ll post weekly updates until then as the ‘final’ version materializes

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