Steps Forward

Since my last post, I’ve decided on next steps for AltBase. This will be pretty brief and I’ll just list some things I’ve thought of since last time. Firstly, I think its really clear that we are lacking adequate exposure. In advance of some more attempts to expose the platform to 4chan, 8chan, and other places I want to have a few things squared away:

  1. I want to develop memes/pictures/graphs capabilities for AltBase Offline. I think we are missing a critical part of our audience without this capability. I also think I can also put something makeshift together that will serve to get the platform 85% of the way to  how that data will be managed in the future state, without creating many duplicates or other issues. This will be AltBase Offline v 1.5 and probably the final version of AB Offline.
  2. After AltBase Offline 1.5 is published, I’m going to go through the site a bit and and try to flesh out some things like the FAQ, etc. to make everything a bit more holistic. Targeting to have this done by June 1st
  3. MAYBE create a static webpage of AltBase, which I would refresh biweekly or so
  4. Post links to AltBase a lot of places. This will be the first major push for exposure. After the first round of this, I’ll collect some more feedback and decide on where to take the project next. Targeting no later than June 15th for this.


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