AltBase Offline 1.1

AltBase Offline v.1.1 will be released tomorrow evening. I got close tonight but probably need another hour or so.

What’s In:

Error fixes for source edit formulas (now color-coding will actually respond to new updates)

New LookUp function for Tags and Sources. This includes the ability to query tags and get their definitions, and lookup sources by their sourceID, Title, or Author (useful if you’ve added multiple sources, but not added any corresponding claims)

What’s Out:

Updates to the “Add Source” prompt. This turned out to be more labor-intensive than I was expecting

Tag verification (validation). I ultimately decided this would too much of a pain on the user as this stands now, and not really very value-adding at the end of the day. So, I left that out.

Any new submissions. I’ll be vetting some this week.


Based on reviews and some feedback I’ll start thinking about a true 2.0 version with media linkages.  might post updates to Reddit or Voat, depending on what my schedule looks like. Right now, development for Cloud looks fairly promising so we’ll have to see how that plays out.

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