AB: Offline List of Pending Updates

Immediate (1.1) (This weekend)

-Fixing the “ValidURL” and “SourceIsAcademicFields” from static to formula-based. This was an error I caught in a previous version but must have somehow reverted to accidentally during refinement. (This is why your claim edits don’t change color even after you’ve made your source updates)

-Improving the Edit Source loop. I will be creating some case statements to handle certain sources not needing certain attributes (like “Volume”, “Peer review,” etc.), and also changing the year to a string (or maybe setting to ‘0’ depending on the sourceType in question)

-Potentially making the export range a prompt instead of just a cell

Secondary (1.5) (maybe next week)

-A “lookup” function. This will be relevant for Tags and Sources. For sources, you can choose which fields you want to search.

-Tag validation, based on a restricted list

Tertiary (2.0) (March?)

-Media sharing. This will include at the very least charts and tables, and maybe even videos (like start=X:XX




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