AltBase Offline: Pre-Release

AltBase will be released by the end of this weekend, 2/18. I am extremely happy with the outcome, and I am very optimistic this will drive more interest and participation. The next few days will be tweaking and error testing, and drafting up posts for social media, and writing the pages here on AltBaseblog to support the application.

Whats in:

-All as-advertised “Source” and “Claim” links and documentation

-Tags: Defintions and ability to add (any) tags

-Hyperlinks to sources

-“Export” features for all user claims and sources, which produces a ready-to-email file to the adminstrator

-Color-coded status for claims and related sources

-Reduncy checks for Source duplication

-Points system based on user updates and additions

Whats Out:

-Tag controls. At this point, the user can essentially add whatever tags they want. In the future, this will be more strictly controlled. (But users can submit tag suggestions)

-Media sharing. Things like Charts and Tables tend to reference multiple sources, so technically speaking this cannot work as AltBase stands now. This will have to be in another version. Over time I’ve conceptualized a bit more about how this might work in an offline excel framework, and I think I have some pretty good ideas on where I want to take version 2.0. I’m really looking forward to evaluating user feedback and building in any suggestions.

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